The FUNMAT PRO 610HT is the latest addition to the INTAMSYS range. It boasts a huge 610 x 508 x 508mm fully insulated build chamber, and a feature list that tops it's field.

Advanced thermal system design of this 3D printer includes a 300°C constant temperature chamber, 300°C heated build plate, and 500°C high-temperature dual extruders with water cooled, all-metal hotends which not only prints the high end materials like PEKK and PEEK, but makes printing all of the difficult engineering grade materials like ABS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS easier and warp-free.

All of INTAMSYS printers use an open material system, which means you aren't stuck using proprietary materials for the life of the printer. You can use filament from any manufacturer including the high quality materials from 3DXTech found in our store.

Able to print PEEK,PEKK, ULTEM and more...

Print strong functional end use parts

Open filament system

Dual, water cooled nozzles

4 x heated filament bays

Printing Technology
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build Volume (mm)
610 X 508 X 508mm
Build Platform
Vacuum platform - multiple materials
Nozzle size
Layer Height
XY Resolution
12.5 microns
Extruder temperature
500° C
Bed temperature
300° C
Chamber temperature
300° C
Max travel speed
Input file type
Extruder Style
Dual, water cooled, direct drive
Filament size
1.75mm. Open filament system
Machine size
1710 x 1390 x 2080mm
3 point automatic
Industry standard (Cura, Simplify3D)
Motor Drive
High precision servo drive - Linear rails
12 months, excluding consumables
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Phone Number

0401 317 743


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