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$ 155.00 AUD

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Polysulfone (PSU) is a high-temperature aromatic sulfone polymer. PSU has excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making it well suited for demanding applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, food service, industrial, plumbing, medical, semi-con applications. ThermaX™ PSU is an excellent alternative to ULTEM™ 9085: Superior thermal properties (higher Tg and HDT) allow for higher strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures Lower cost per kg and lower density (more filament per kg)

Material Attributes

  • Very high thermal properties with a Tg of 187°C and HDT of 172°C  [Superior to ULTEM™ 9085]
  • Excellent hydrolytic resistance
  • High Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)
  • Highly resistant to gamma radiation
  • Sterilization suitable - including EtO gas, radiation, steam autoclaving, plasma, dry heat and cold sterilization
  • Resists most common automotive fluids, including gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid
  • Excellent dimensional stability (low creep sensitivity and low, uniform coefficient of thermal expansion) and highly reproducible part-to-part dimensions

Recommended Print Settings

  • Extruder Temp: 350 - 380°C (all-metal extruder)
  • Bed Temp: 140-160°C
  • Bed Prep: Ultem® Tape, Polyimide Tape, Lightly sanded FR4 or Perf board.

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