$ 130.00 AUD


$ 130.00 AUD

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Evolv3D™ OBC (Olefin Block Copolymer) from Dow is an engineering-grade material based on a novel polyethylene copolymer. OBC is the state-of-the-art in polyethylene 3D printing and eliminates many of the problems associated with printing polypropylene-based materials. OBC is semi-crystalline and has excellent chemical resistance coupled with ease of printing and real-world functional properties. We manufacture this filament at our factory in Grand Rapids, MI using premium Dow Evolv3D™ OBC resin and custom colorants specifically formulated for 3D printing.

Material Attributes

  • Excellent Z-axis bonding
  • Very low density (0.9 g/cm3)
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • No water pick-up - no drying needed
  • Ease of printing - low warp / curling
  • Flexibility and fatigue resistance allows for printing living hinges
  • Low odor - essentially none

Recommended Print Settings

  • Extruder temp:  170-210°C
  • Bed temp:  60-100°C
  • Bed prep:  Packaging tape (PE or PP based) is an excellent low-cost option, Magigoo PP Bed Prep
  • Enclosed build chamber:  23-60°C.  Although not 100% necessary, an enclosed print chamber will help ensure more successful printing
  • Other:  Recommended to print with brim or raft until you become comfortable printing with OBC.  We also recommend the use of a cooling fan (20-50%).  Print speed is generally 30-50mm/s.  

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